Leaders and Managers,

If Left Unchecked, Drama in the Workplace Creates a Toxic Environment

Allowing a high drama work environment to continue will erode your culture and make everything seem difficult.

When you observe your team, do you feel like you are back in high school? Do you wonder how to turn it around and get everyone to play nice?

Removing Drama from a Team Dynamic Begins with the Leader

Managers who learn to infuse social competence within their department experience less drama. Taking responsibility for creating this cultural shift requires us to understand the difference between healthy conflict and relational aggression – and how to respond to both.

And quite honestly, it requires us as leaders to identify where we might be enabling the behavior we are unhappy with.

As we develop awareness of self and of others, THEN we begin to make conscious change and positively impact the social interactions among our team.

Relational Aggression: Manipulation of another to gain security or manage power.

Do unto others before they do unto you.

Packages & Courses: designed to reduce drama in your workplace

Private Coaching for Managers
Coaching privately provides you with a customized process for gaining clarity, making decisions, and creating positive change in alignment with your vision and goals.

Together, we will:

  • Clarify triggers of drama in your workplace
  • Define strategies for preventing and addressing drama
  • Identify mindsets and action steps you can take to grow your leadership capacity as you work to decrease the drama

Private coaching gives you critical awareness and provides inspired action that your team will respond to.

Small Group Coaching for Managers
Small Group Coaching provides you the opportunity to learn with other managers who are also working to change their team dynamic.

You will develop skills and learn from others’ experiences as you work to prevent and reduce drama in the workplace. In this group, you will gain insight into the causes of drama and bullying in the workplace. You will learn how to effectively lead your employees in creating a culture of social competence.

Join us to learn:

  • To teach your employees to solve their own drama problems
  • To recognize 5 common Workplace Weapons™ employees use against each other
  • The difference between relational aggression and conflict, and why this matters
  • The motivation of a manipulator and how to defuse manipulation
  • 3 things that must be present to reduce drama
  • 5 steps to guiding employees to positive, empowering behavior
  • How to set boundaries for employees’ behavior
  • Words to stay away from when talking with employees about drama

Small Group Coaching allows you to learn in a safe environment where you feel supported and encouraged.

Employee Workshop
Drama in the workplace is addictive. As it grows, it creates a toxic work environment. This negativity seeps into the quality of work and the level of customer service provided. It sullies your department’s reputation.

Participants of this interactive Employee Workshop complete the session knowing what to say and what to do in any emotional bullying situation. They know how to use their body, their words, and their voice to defuse when things turn ugly. They know how to help a co-worker who is being emotionally bullied. They know how to independently solve their own workplace problems and when to get help from management.

Through role play in a safe setting, participants get hands-on practice with real life workplace drama scenarios.

In the spirit of Crucial Conversations, Emotional Intelligence, and Mindfulness, this 2-hour workshop gives your employees the knowledge to successfully maneuver through any high-drama situation.

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