What I love about this program is that it’s issue oriented (name calling, rumors, silent treatment, etc.). When you’re a struggling with friendships, here’s a recipe. You’re giving them options. That in itself is empowering.

The program was clearly well thought out! Annie Fox

Bestselling author of Middle School Confidential, www.anniefox.com

GAPRA‘s presentation at the MAESP conference is the best bullying program I’ve attended. It focuses on helping the target, not stopping the bully. Darci McFail

Principal, Otterville Elementary School

The tools were easy to follow, practical, and easy to replicate at a later time. As a result, my daughter has built confidence in learning how to deal with these situations and can talk to me in a language that makes it easier for me to listen and help if necessary. Beth Knudson

Asst Director, International Internships and Education University of Iowa, College of Business

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