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Looking for Online Training so You Can Help Your Girls Solve Their Own Friendship Problems?
It’s Tough to Know What to Do When Your Female Students Are Being Hurt by Other Girls

As an educator, you see the devastating effects relational aggression, or female bullying, can have in your school.  This type of bullying causes great emotional suffering for your girls and everyone around them.  It leaves lasting emotional scars.

 When dealing with this drama, your instructional time can be devoured by “girl stuff.”  Friendship problems like exclusion, gossip, and name calling steals time and wastes opportunities for growth and learning.

As an educator, do you feel:

  • Frustrated by the amount of instructional time lost to Relational Aggression?
  • Discouraged or irritated when the same girls continue to have the same problems with each other over and over again?
  • Sad when you realize how much pain girls can suffer when they are the target, bystander, or even the bully in an relational aggression situation?
  • Helpless because you don’t know what more you can do?

Relational aggression hijacks learning and adds to the increasing demands put on educators.

The Solution: Learn the Dynamics and Causes of Female Bullying.  Learn Strategies That Really Work!

We want you to know there is a solution.  There is a way through relational aggression.

When you equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to prevent relational aggression and to deal with it when it pops up, you become a valuable resource in your classroom and in your school.

Our Online Training Equips You with Tools, Tips, and Strategies – Without
Having to Leave Your Home or Classroom!

With our self-paced “Guiding Girls Through Relational Aggression” online training, we’ll personally guide you to show your kindergarten through grade 12 students how to navigate through the maze of painful friendships.

You’ll learn:

  • What relational aggression is and when it starts
  • 16 friendship weapons girls use
  • Why girls do it
  • How the female brain impacts girl friendships
  • How to defuse relational aggression
  • The cycle of conflict avoidance
  • Specific strategies to use with your girls
  • To establish a safe and encouraging environment
  • Information to share with parents

Your students will learn to build thriving friendships and you’ll have your instructional time (and your sanity) back!

Register for “Guiding Girls Through Relational Aggression” Online Training
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Register for “Guiding Girls Through Relational Aggression” Online Training
Get a 10% Discount by Using This Discount Code GIRLS

This program was clearly well thought out!

Annie Fox

Bestselling author of Middle School Confidential, www.anniefox.com

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This is the best bullying program I’ve attended.

Darci McFail

Principal, Otterville Elementary School Otterville, Missouri

The training was great!

Lori Smith

Principal, Oaklawn Elementary School Menomenie, Wisconsin

Your program literally transformed the way my girls relate to each other overnight!

Patty-Fagan Ries

School Counselor, Prairie View Elementary School, Oregon, Wisconsin

I continue to use the skills I learned almost daily with students and adults!

Kim Arnold

School Counselor, Wayne Elementary and Jr./Sr. High School Corydon, Iowa

I came away from your class with more ideas to use than any other time!

Sue Bradshaw, NCC

School Counselor

You’ve given us the opportunity to teach girls to “own” their feelings. That’s huge!

Your training was low key and very practical. It was exactly what we needed!

Carol Montz

Superintendent, Williamsburg Community Schools Williamsburg, Iowa

We LOVE this program at our school! The behaviors in this program are more succinctly defined than I’ve ever seen.

Andrea Bowen

School Counselor, Rumford Elementary School Rumford, Maine

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your most helpful tools and insights. I’ve been looking for your program for years.

Jack Darland, Jr

School Counselor, Cedar Falls Community Schools Cedar Falls, Iowa