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Winner of The National Parenting Center's 2011 Seal of ApprovalRelational Aggression, or Female Bullying, Is a Problem in Schools. We’ll Personally Guide You in Showing Your Kindergarten -
Grade 8 Students How to Navigate Through the Maze of Painful Friendships. Your Students Will Learn to Build Thriving Friendships and You’ll Have Your
Instructional Time (and Your Sanity) Back

From: Jane Balvanz and Blair Wagner, the Female Friendship Experts

Dear Teachers and School Counselors Who Deal With Girls and Relational Aggression:

Is your instructional time being devoured by “girl stuff”? Is Relational Aggression (RA) taking a big bite out of your school day?

It’s Tough to Know What to Do When Your
Students Are Being Hurt by Other Girls

As an educator, do you feel:

  • Frustrated by the amount of instructional time lost to Relational Aggression?
  • Discouraged or irritated when the same girls continue to have the same problems with each other over and over again?
  • Sad when you realize how much pain girls can suffer when they are the target, bystander, or even the bully in an RA situation?
  • Helpless because you don't know what more you can do?

School counselors know the pain girls can suffer or inflict upon each other. Mediation of female bullying is time consuming, and often the waters become murkier rather than clearer.

Relational Aggression Hinders Learning and Adds to Increasing Demands Being Put on Educators.
We Want You to Know There is a Solution.
There Is a Way Through Relational Aggression

Many teachers and school counselors have found hope and relief through learning more about the dynamics of Relational Aggression. In turn, they have taught their female students the skills to address RA situations more independently.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your most helpful tools and insights. I've been looking for your material for years.

'A Way Through' has helped me to understand the problems and functionings of the little girls in my charge. As a result, I feel that I've made more progress with some of my girls in the last 4 weeks than I made with so many others in my first 20 years of school counseling.

I've always felt so clueless - well, after all, I am a man! - and now, I feel that I'm actually starting to get it. Jane and Blair, You Rock!!!!

Jack Darland, Jr
School Counselor
Cedar Falls Community Schools
Cedar Falls, Iowa



Our Experience, Knowledge, Compassion, and Perspective Will Show You How to Help Your Students Now. You Will Be Able to Guide Girls to Become Problem Solvers Who Can Positively Address Their Own Friendship Problems

After counseling hundreds of elementary/middle school girls and offering consultation to as many parents, we know exactly what it takes to help you guide girls through hurtful friendships. We specialize in helping educators teach girls how to become assertive, independent problem solvers when confronted with an RA issue. You'll be able to teach girls how to make powerful and appropriate choices in a positive way.

We LOVE the When Girls Hurt Girls® program at our school! This program has always been the missing piece we’ve never had (and always needed)!

The behaviors in this program are more succinctly defined than I’ve ever seen, and the materials are so easy to use.

I have found the When Girls Hurt Girls® materials to be very powerful with girls (and boys too!), both individually and in the classroom setting. This program is enabling me to make a real difference in how my students interact with each other.

Andrea Bowen
School Counselor
Rumford Elementary School
Rumford, ME

We Created When Girls Hurt Girls® for Educators and Parents So That the Seemingly Perpetual Problems of Relational Aggression Can Be Diminished.
With the Cognitive-Behavioral Format,
Specific Solutions Are at Your Fingertips

A Way Through, LLC understands the workload teachers and school counselors carry. We've made the path through Relational Aggression easy to understand.

Imagine your female students:

  • Feeling grounded and ready to learn
  • Having the confidence and courage to stand up for themselves
  • Solving their own RA problems
  • Realizing their self-worth
  • Returning from recess or school social situations refreshed instead of depressed
  • Recognizing hurtful behaviors in themselves and others
  • Trusting in their own feelings
  • Releasing hurtful friendships and gravitating toward healthier ones
  • Using effective and appropriate words with girls who have hurt them
  • Understanding that they deserve to be treated respectfully

If you'd like to learn how to teach your students to take responsibility for their friendships and avoid the drama, you've come to the right place. We'll provide the tools you can use with your students. They will help your students learn how to have successful friendships which will allow more classroom learning to take place. Everyone benefits!

The When Girls Hurt Girls® program literally transformed the way my girls relate to each other overnight!

I bought the When Girls Hurt Girls® parent pack and the role play cards at the Wisconsin School Counselor Association annual conference and started using them the first week back to work.  The materials are all laid out so easy to use.

I have a group of twelve girls who are getting so much out of the role plays!!  The group keeps getting bigger!

The When Girls Hurt Girls® materials are so much more powerful than what I was teaching before.  I had all the strategies and the I-messages, but these materials are totally in the girls' lingo and offer better and stronger comebacksthan I've ever seen!!!  The girls keep asking if we can run through the role plays again.  They are learning to pick friends who are true friends!!

I have one girl who has consistently been a bully.  These materials worked!!!  The girls used the When Girls Hurt Girls® strategies with her and SHE CHANGED!  What a gift for all of these girls.

Thanks to Blair and Jane for all they are doing to empower girls and women!!

Patty-Fagan Ries,
School Counselor
Prairie View Elementary School
Oregon School District
Oregon, Wisconsin



This Could Be the Most Important Step You Take in
Helping Your Students Feel Empowered Enough to Solve Their Own Friendship Problems. Act Now and STOP the Hurting So You Can Increase the Learning

In the school environment, Relational Aggression destroys school climate.

Help your female students through the cycling and recycling of hurtful friendships NOW. Give them the tools to use to find their way into healthy friendships.

If you’re ready for personalized support customized to your specific situation and need help now, email us at CustomerSupport@AWayThrough.com or call us directly at 319-621-6381 to discuss different options available to you.

If you’re not ready yet, you can subscribe to get free tips to guide your students through hurtful friendships.



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