A Recipe for Friendship Problems

What I love about this program is that it’s issue oriented (name calling, rumors, silent treatment, etc.). When you’re a struggling with friendships, here’s a recipe. You’re giving them options. That in itself is empowering.

The program was clearly well thought out!

Annie Fox

Bestselling author of Middle School Confidential, www.anniefox.com

It’s About Positive Empowerment

The resources shared that jumping in the middle of the bullying issue isn’t the answer.

We love how you used several modalities — role playing, Q&A, concrete examples, hands-on resources, and more. The most important thing we learned is that it’s about positive empowerment.

Susie Weinacht

President, Cedar Rapids City PTA Council, Cedar Rapids, IA

The Best Bullying Program

This is the best bullying program I’ve attended. It focuses on helping the target, not stopping the bully.

Darci McFail

Principal, Otterville Elementary School Otterville, Missouri

We Can’t Fix Their Problems for Them

The training was great! We learned some key principles, such as the fact that focusing on the consequences alone doesn’t fix the underlying problem. I appreciated the philosophy that our thinking creates reality.

The most valuable takeaways were the strategies for dealing with emotional bullying. They have a wide range of strategies that work district-wide, for kindergarten through high school. The training was a great reminder that we can’t fix their problems for them.
Thank you for your guidance!

Lori Smith

Principal, Oaklawn Elementary School, Menomenie, Wisconsin

Empowering Our Girls

Sitting in the principal’s chair, it’s easy to become reactionary. You do what you believe is right with giving consequences. But often, I’ve not enabled the students to act on their own and learn from experience. The training empowered the girls to work through exclusion, gossip, name calling, secret sharing and teasing on their own.
They learn how to deal with relational aggression independently, plus they received great tips to become friendship mentors to younger girls.
This positions our students to focus on academics rather than social issues. Thank you!

Chad Blanchard

Principal, Nishna Valley Community School District, Hastings, Iowa

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We LOVE This Program at Our School

We LOVE this program at our school! The program has always been the missing piece we’ve never had (and always needed)!

The behaviors in this program are more succinctly defined than I’ve ever seen.

This program is enabling me to make a real difference in how my students interact with each other.

Andrea Bowen

School Counselor, Rumford Elementary School Rumford, Maine

Moving Beyond Telling Our Girls to Be Nice

It’s so important to enable girls to know they really do have control. Lots of times, girls don’t realize this. We need to move beyond telling our girls to be nice. The training shows how to do this – how to help girls act with dignity while defusing the situation.

You’re doing work that’s much needed. It’s sad, but true. I commend you for what you’re doing.

Janelle Green

Assistant Principal, Hillside Elementary West Des Moines, Iowa

Using the Skills Daily

I continue to use the skills I learned almost daily with students and adults! These are daily living skills that all people need!

Kim Arnold

School Counselor, Wayne Elementary and Jr./Sr. High School Corydon, Iowa

“Down to Earth” Ideas

I very much enjoyed your class. I have attended many seminars, workshops, clinics, and websites about this topic. I came away from your class with more ideas to use than any other time!

Thank you so much for the “down to earth” ideas and for tying in literacy, which is a focus in our district.

Sue Bradshaw, NCC

School Counselor, Messalonskee Middle School Oakland, Maine

Teaching Girls to Own Their Own Feelings

The training gave us excellent guidance on successfully handling relational aggression situations. We learned how to help girls handle situations where they’re being harassed by other girls. Plus, you’ve given us the opportunity to teach girls to “own” their feelings. That’s huge!

I really liked the role playing where you showed us how to effectively address angry parents in a caring, yet strong manner. We saw great examples of how to treat difficult parents respectfully. It’s exactly what we want our staff to do.

Your training was low key and very practical. It was exactly what we needed!

Carol Montz

Superintendent, Williamsburg Community Schools, Williamsburg, Iowa

Transformed My Girls Overnight
Your program literally transformed the way my girls relate to each other overnight!

The materials are so much more powerful than what I was teaching before. I had all the strategies and the I-messages, but these are totally in the girls’ lingo and offer better and stronger comebacks than I’ve ever seen!!! The girls keep asking if we can run through the role plays again. They are learning to pick friends who are true friends!!

I have one girl who has consistently been a bully. These materials worked!!! The girls used the strategies with her and SHE CHANGED! What a gift for all of these girls.

Thanks to Blair and Jane for all they are doing to empower girls and women!!

Patty-Fagan Ries

School Counselor, Prairie View Elementary School Oregon School District Oregon, Wisconsin

More Progress in the Last 4 Weeks Than My First 20 Years

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your most helpful tools and insights. I’ve been looking for your program for years.

You have helped me to understand the problems and functionings of the little girls in my charge. As a result, I feel that I’ve made more progress with some of my girls in the last 4 weeks than I made with so many others in my first 20 years of school counseling.

I’ve always felt so clueless – well, after all, I am a man! – and now, I feel that I’m actually starting to get it. Jane and Blair, You Rock!!!!

Jack Darland, Jr

School Counselor, Cedar Falls Community Schools Cedar Falls, Iowa

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