Free Teleclass Series to Provide Guidance on Emotional Bullying in Girls (Kindergarten through Grade 2)


Everyone who educates, counsels or parents girls kindergarten through grade 2 is invited to register for a free teleclass series about emotional bullying (relational aggression) in girls. On Tuesday, November 16, 2010, at 3:30 p.m. central time, A Way Through, LLC, will conduct the first of two content-rich calls focused on helping young girls through friendship problems. Register now for “When Girls Hurt Girls®: How to Guide Girls (Grades K-2) through Painful Friendships and Emotional Bullying” at

“This teleclass series will help anyone — elementary school counselors, administrators and teachers as well as parents — guide kindergarten through grade 2 girls to solve their own friendship problems before they even start,” said Blair Wagner, co-founder of A Way Through, LLC.

“Research shows that relational aggression can start as young as age 2 — when kids start making friends,” said Jane Balvanz, an elementary school counselor and co-founder of A Way Through, LLC. “It makes sense to start at the foundation of girlhood, because early prevention of relational aggression promotes healthy friendships and reduces the damage it can inflict upon children. Plus, girls this age eagerly participate and learn from our techniques.”

Over the past year, A Way Through released curricula for When Girls Hurt Girls® Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8. This teleclass series will introduce the Grades K-2 materials, which address developmental milestones in young girls and how those milestones relate to friendships. According to the authors, Balvanz and Wagner, the curriculum introduces two new techniques — Whisper Coaching™ and Neutral Talk™ — which enable educators and parents to coach young girls who can’t read and provide responses that allow girls to think and feel for themselves.

“Choosing positive friendships and assertively addressing emotional bullying are skills young girls need to cultivate now, so they can successfully navigate their future,” said Balvanz, who will co-present with Wagner. “We’re excited to answer some questions about girls and painful friendships.”

The new K-2 guidebooks will be available for purchase online at Those who attend the teleclass will learn how to receive a limited time offer on the Grades K-2 materials. Register for this free 45-minute call at

About A Way Through, LLC

A Way Through, LLC, enables educators and parents to guide girls in grades K-8 through painful friendships. The company developed When Girls Hurt Girls®, a series of CDs, educational guides and other products, to empower girls to solve their own friendship problems. A Way Through also offers workshops for schools, youth organizations and others to help educators, parents and girls handle the difficult situations girls face with relational aggression. For details, see


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  2. Donna Hempelmann says:

    I appreciated many of the things I heard today, but the comment that resonated the most was that conflict happens. As soon as I heard your three points about relationship problems, I realized that parents do not really expect their children to have any conflict and if they do, they do not expect their children to solve the problem. Usually they expect me to fix it. I need to prepare parents for the fact that their daughters (and sons) will have some conflict within relationships during their school years.

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