Dramameter: A Tip for Girls from the Upcoming Teleclass


Girls plus drama equals more drama! Girls often get stuck thinking obsessively about emotionally charged situations. That can be a problem, unless you can get girls to replace drama with other thoughts and move on.

With some adult guidance and diligence, this detachment from drama can be successful. It can even become a new, healthy friendship habit! A girl just needs to do three things:

  1. Notice when the drama replays in her head
  2. Let the drama go
  3. Point her mind in a different direction

One idea for detaching from drama is to give her a “Dramameter.” A simple counter clicker will work fine. Every time she notices herself thinking about the drama or replaying it in her head, she clicks it, pauses, takes a deep breath and imagines the problem floating away in a balloon. As the drama goes up, up, and away, she has to come up with a positive thought to take the place of the drama.

Detaching from drama, when learned at a young age, can empower girls to be happier and to enjoy healthier relationships throughout their lives. On December 6th, we’ll be talking more about this fresh approach and how we’re adding it to our When Girls Hurt Girls curriculum. We would love for you to join us! The live teleclass is free and the audio recording is $5. To learn more and register today, please click here!

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