Appearance on Iowa Public Radio


Hi, everyone! Jane and Blair here. We’ve been so busy working on our K-2 audio and role play cards for When Girls Hurt Girls®, we almost forgot to mention that we were on the radio in January! We were so excited to be asked to be on “Talk of Iowa” on Iowa Public Radio to share insights on guiding girls through emotional bullying.

To hear us on the show, please listen on our Media page at: www.awaythrough.com/media.htm or click here.

Thank you to Iowa Public Radio and “Talk of Iowa” host Charity Nebbe for addressing this important topic and including A Way Through in the conversation!

And please join us on March 3 at 3:30 p.m. Central Time for a detailed teleclass series (#2 of 2), “When Girls Hurt Girls®: 3 Compelling Reasons to Start Relational Aggression Prevention in Kindergarten (and How to Do It Right).” Get details and register now at www.awaythrough.com/teleclass!


  1. Rubie Handy says:

    Glad to be one of several visitors on this amazing website : D.

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