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Girls plus drama equals more drama! Girls often get stuck thinking obsessively about emotionally charged situations. That can be a problem, unless you can get girls to replace drama with other thoughts and move on.

With some adult guidance and diligence, this detachment from drama can be successful. It can even become a new, healthy friendship habit! A girl just needs to do three things:

  1. Notice when the drama replays in her head
  2. Let the drama go
  3. Point her mind in a different direction

One idea for detaching from drama is to give her a “Dramameter.” A simple counter clicker will work fine. Every time she notices herself thinking about the drama or replaying it in her head, she clicks it, pauses, takes a deep breath and imagines the problem floating away in a balloon. As the drama goes up, up, and away, she has to come up with a positive thought to take the place of the drama.

Detaching from drama, when learned at a young age, can empower girls to be happier and to enjoy healthier relationships throughout their lives. On December 6th, we’ll be talking more about this fresh approach and how we’re adding it to our When Girls Hurt Girls curriculum. We would love for you to join us! The live teleclass is free and the audio recording is $5. To learn more and register today, please click here!

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Just for You: Girl Drama Solutions

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Many girls in Grades 3-12 don’t know the difference between a Calmback™ and a Comeback. This lack of knowledge limits their ability to solve relationship problems.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you this teleclass, which will help your girls speak up for themselves in a calm, strong manner when faced with emotional bullying, a.k.a. girl drama or relational aggression.

Calmbacks™ vs. Comebacks – How to Teach Girls the Difference

Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Time: 4:00 PM Central Time (5:00 PM Eastern Time)
Call Length: 30 minutes

Click here to register now!

Can’t make the call? Purchase the audio download of this call for only $5 when you click here.

The call is free when you join us live on October 18th.

Can’t make it live? No problem! You can get the recording and transcript for just $5.

We look forward to sharing with you.

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When you join GAPRA, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from 10 training calls and Q&As per year. You’ll also get to hear from our handpicked faculty members, including parenting expert Brenda Nixon, M.A., author and parent advocate Sue Scheff, and Internet security consultant Christopher Burgess. We’re excited to have them on board for our special faculty calls, and we’re working on securing additional faculty members to provide expertise and up-to-the-minute insights for you. For details about our faculty members to date, visit

If you want to learn even more about GAPRA, please join our GAPRA Informational calls. The informational and Q&A calls are the best way to find out everything you need to know about the valuable resources we’ve assembled for schools, youth organizations and all of their staff, parents and volunteers.

Join us for these free informational calls:

September 14 — “How to Affordably Equip Your Entire Community to Prevent Emotional Bullying with GAPRA Membership”

September 22 — Q&A about GAPRA

Click here to find out more and register today!

Get these calls and recordings free, and you will be one step closer to preventing relational aggression in your school or youth organization.


Learn About GAPRA 9/14 and 9/22!

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Hello, all! Blair and Jane here, it’s back to school for everyone, and it’s time to learn more about GAPRA, the Global Alliance for Preventing Relational Aggression.

Visit to read our news release about GAPRA on the Media page. We’re excited to share this free series of informational and Q&A calls about GAPRA in September, and we hope you’ll join us. The calls (and recordings) are free, and when you attend, we’ll let you know how to get a special bonus offer!

So register for that free call now by clicking here!

A Way Through, LLC, has added another staff member to accommodate the growth of programs related to preventing relational aggression, a.k.a. emotional bullying.

Kylie Noecker has joined A Way Through as Project Coordinator. Noecker’s responsibilities include researching and coordinating projects such as certification, the continuing rollout of GAPRA, the Global Alliance for Preventing Relational Aggression, and strategic and business planning documentation. In 2010-2011, Noecker served as a marketing intern for A Way Through, handling various projects while she earned her degree in Communication Studies and minor in Business Administration from the University of Iowa. She graduated in May and began working with A Way Through in June.

“During my internship, I saw Blair and Jane’s dedication to finding solutions to dealing with relational aggression,” said Noecker. “Relational aggression is a huge issue — it’s a global problem. People are becoming more aware of relational aggression. I’m proud to be part of providing the tools and solutions to deal with it.”


About A Way Through, LLC

A Way Through, LLC, equips educators and parents to guide girls in grades K-8 through painful friendships. The company developed When Girls Hurt Girls®, an award-winning series of CDs, educational guides and other products, to empower girls to solve their own friendship problems. A Way Through also offers workshops for schools, youth organizations and others to help educators, parents and girls handle the difficult situations girls face with relational aggression. For details, see

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Hey, everyone! It has been a whirlwind of activity as we launched the Global Alliance for Preventing Relational Aggression in June! We are so excited to share the free audio from the GAPRA Sneak Preview and Q&A calls. On these calls, we discussed what GAPRA is all about and answered questions we received from around the world!
People from California, Florida, Texas, Washington and many other states around the country sent in their questions. We even received a question from the Federated States of Micronesia! Here are some of the questions we covered:
• What is GAPRA?
• How do we join?
• What does it cost to join GAPRA?
• How will GAPRA help elementary schools?
• How will GAPRA help parents and teachers to work cooperatively?

It was really energizing to connect with others who share our passion for preventing relational aggression!  We received many comments like “I’m so psyched about this program!” We couldn’t agree more! If you’re involved in a school setting or youth organization, please take advantage of the free audio so you can learn more about GAPRA today!


In 24 Hours — Learn More About GAPRA!!

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If you’re interested in proactive measures to address relational aggression among your boys and girls, don’t miss the GAPRA Membership Sneak Preview Call tomorrow, June 15 at 3:30 p.m. central!

Sign up now, and join us live. Plus, you’ll receive the recordings and transcripts so you can listen whenever you want!

Find out about GAPRA membership — an affordable way to get everyone in your school or organization on the same page about emotional bullying. Go to now to register for the Sneak Preview and Q&A calls.

We’re excited and think you will be, too, when you learn more about GAPRA!


How GAPRA Membership
Affordably Equips Your Staff, Volunteers and Parents
to Prevent Emotional Bullying Among Your Youth

June 15 (informational call) and June 22 (Q&A call)
3:30 p.m. Central Time

[Click for the call time in your time zone.]



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Faculty to Help Provide Affordable Bully Prevention Training The Global Alliance for Preventing Relational Aggression

The Global Alliance for Preventing Relational Aggression (GAPRA) is excited to announce three new faculty members who will help provide bully prevention training to schools and youth organizations. Christopher Burgess, Brenda Nixon and Sue Scheff will share their expertise in parenting and cyberbullying for GAPRA training activities alongside the organization’s co-founders, Blair Wagner and Jane Balvanz.

The mission of GAPRA is to deliver “Hope and Help for Bullies, Targets and Bystanders of Emotional Bullying.” Relational aggression, a.k.a. emotional bullying, is often the precursor to violence among children and has been linked to suicides. Annual membership in GAPRA offers schools and youth organizations affordable training for all staff members, volunteers, group leaders and parents.

In order to introduce membership to schools and youth organizations, GAPRA is inviting everyone to two free informational telephone calls on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 3:30 p.m. central time and June 22 at 3:30 p.m. central. Educators, parents and volunteers can register for the Sneak Preview and Q&A calls and submit their questions about GAPRA at: The calls will be recorded, and the audio recordings are free to anyone who registers.


The Global Alliance for Preventing Relational Aggression equips schools and youth organizations with training, tools and support to reduce emotional bullying. The GAPRA co-founders also developed When Girls Hurt Girls®, an award-winning series of CDs, educational guides and other products, to empower girls in grades K-8 to solve their own friendship problems. For details, visit

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The News is Spreading About GAPRA

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Hello, all! Blair and Jane here, wanting to let you know that we’re excited and grateful to be in the news once again.  For starters, we will be featured on our local ABC affiliate, KCRG TV9, starting this evening. Check for details at

We’ve also started spreading the word about GAPRA, the Global Alliance for Preventing Relational Aggression. See our news release about GAPRA on the Media page, and keep your eyes peeled for more announcements. We’ll be letting you know about our progress with GAPRA up through the initial GAPRA Sneak Preview call on June 15.  And remember to register for that free call/audio download today at!

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When it comes to relational aggression (RA), a.k.a. emotional bullying, many schools and youth organizations don’t know what to do. It’s easy to make mistakes, and yet the training needed to effectively address RA can be expensive. Besides, wouldn’t it be great if we could prevent RA and the scars it leaves on a child’s self esteem?

Based on feedback from you and other principals, teachers and youth organization leaders, there’s an affordable RA prevention training solution on its way! You’re the first to learn about:



The Global Alliance for Preventing Relational Aggression

Hope and Help for Targets, Bullies and Bystanders of Emotional Bullying.


We can’t wait to unveil the details to you on this important call on June 15, 2011!!

Untitled Document When Girls Hurt Girls™ Parent Pack

Do you feel unequipped to help your daughter or students navigate painful friendships?

Finally, the instruction manual you need to help your Kindergarten – Grade 8 daughter or students find their way through painful friendships

Listen to the program introduction here.

When Girls Hurt Girls™ is a home practice guide for parents who want to help their hurting daughters, but don’t know where to start. It's also PERFECT for use in school or small group settings.

Through loving discussions and role-play exercises, your daughter or students will connect with their personal power and gain the confidence to resolve conflicts and attract the right kind of friendships to their lives.

REMEMBER: Works great for educators and group/team leaders too!  

Untitled Document

Do you need help in guiding your daughter through a difficult friendship situation?

Finally, 1-on-1 personalized help is available to assist you in guiding your daughter through her friendship problems now!

Introducing a new way to get support…

Our new Quick Assist program has been developed for parents who want help that’s tailored to their specific situation. Through no-nonsense strategy sessions, you will gain clarity on what to say to your daughter, what not to say, and how you can become a source of inspiration and support for her.

REMEMBER: Works great for educators and group/team leaders too!  
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to learn more about the Quick Assist package.